The siberia snus brand overview

Snus as a popular tobacco product in Scandinavian countries has become a real trend in recent years. Many athletes use snus to get an extra kick and more energy during training. Almost a million viewers recently noticed a scene: In the Champions League semi-final between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, Spanish striker Karim Benzema allegedly chewed a bag on the bench and then placed it behind his upper lip. Situations like this make more and more people interested in this tobacco product and the demand for Scandinavian tobacco pouches keeps growing. At the same time, more and more snus manufacturers are offering the different brands of snus which have their main characteristics. One of the best-known brands is the man:



All these brands have in common the quality of the fabrics and the care taken in the manufacturing process. Their goal is to present you with a unique high quality product.

GN Tobacco has its state-of-the-art factory in Enköping, a small town in central Sweden. Here, snus is manufactured in all different formats such as white, wet, dry, long, slim, mini, maxi and even different nicotine levels. In addition to Siberia snus, GN Tobacco operates the Odens brands, Olde Ving, Lenny and Islay Whiskey Snus to offer consumers a wide range snus in different strength and taste.

Snus that tastes like snus

The latest addition to the range from Siberia snus is the Siberia -80 Xtremely Black Portion. This is another extremely strong snus with a high level of nicotine of 43mg/g. What separates Xtremely Black from other varieties of Siberia snus is that their characteristic mint flavor has been removed, and instead this snus has a classic taste of tobacco.

Xtremely Black from Siberia Snus

Siberia -80 Xtremely Black Portion is available in several different variants. Xtremely Black Slim Portion has the narrower portion bags that fit perfectly and discreetly under your lip. Of course, this snus is also available with pouches in original size and is then called Xtremely Black Portion.

Xtremely Black from Siberia snus is also available in white portion bags for a drier alternative. Of course with the same clear taste of tobacco and the market's highest nicotine level of 43mg/g. You will find both Xtremely Black White Dry and Xtremely Black White Dry Slim in the range. Xtremely Black from Siberia snus is a snus that tastes like snus, and takes the experience to new heights!

The inspiration for Siberia snus

Siberia is an area of 13 million km2 east of the Ural Mountains that has a population density of 3 inhabitants per km2. Siberia is the coldest area in the world inhabited by people. During the winter, cold winds flow across the Asian continent and do that the temperature in Siberia drops to 40-50 degrees below zero. It is here in Siberia that one has measured the lowest temperature in the northern hemisphere, in the small village of Ojmjakon when the temperatures were down in –71.2 ° C.


Siberia is one of the toughest and most extreme places on earth, and it is this place that has inspired and named Siberia snus. Siberia snus really lives up to its name and delivers an extreme snus experience. With one of the world's highest nicotine levels and one taste of icy mint, Siberian snus is just like the Siberian winter, for you who are looking for the extreme and wants an adventure!